1973 Vintage Airstream
"31' Exella 500 Land Yacht"-

This classic travel trailer was the largest model made by Airstream in 1973 and is considered by many to be one of the finest and sturdiest models ever built by Airstream.

It is also the popular "front living room-central kitchen and bedroom-full rear bathroom" model.

Refurbished and Retrofitted
for Permanent Residency

All gas appliances and the propane storage tanks have been removed and replaced with newer modern, electric appliances (water heater, standard sized refrigerator, two burner hot plate, separate washer and drier units)

All original electrical wiring has been replaced with modern 12-3 Romax cable and a standard 20 AMP circuit breaker box.

Original water storage tank and portable chemical toilet have been replaced with modern plumbing, flush toilet, and standard sewer connection

Original bench seats in the front have been replaced with a heavy metal-frame Futon style couch which also makes out into a double bed

New linoleum flooring and curtains


Our Airstream Has Also Been Equipped
for Ultra-Safe High Speed Towing on Modern Highways

New Reece "Load Leveler" Stabilizer Bars

Four new heavy duty trailer tires (used only for the 2000 mile trip down into Mexico and three short tows in our local area south of Xalapa, Veracruz)

New adjustable trailer ball system

Trailer brakes refurbished and fitted with a new "Bargmann Brake Controller" unit with controls which go under the dash-board in the tow vehicle

Trailer lights replaced with new bulbs and receptacles along with a new master electric cable and receptacle which connects the trailer to the tow vehicle

"The engineering advantages of streamlining are as real and relevant as they were 76 years ago. An Airstream's ballistic contours mean it is more stable and takes less power to move it through the air, and that means better fuel economy -- 20% better, according to the company. In fact, a vehicle towing an Airstream trailer can have less aero resistance than the tow vehicle alone, like two "drafting" NASCAR racers." - L.A. Times, 8/28/08 - "Airstream - King of the RV's"


Oversized Whirlpool Refrigerator with Cross-top Freezer

Apartment sized GE washer and NewTag drier

Oil-Filled Electric Radiator-Heater

Built-in desk computer surface in the bedroom (removable)

Futon style couch/double bed (we never found the futon mattress very comfortable, however, and replaced it with dense 4" thick foam pads)

Four shelf media rack in living room

Large front awning constructed from two layers of heavy shade cloth (front, side, and rear awnings are original and in good condition)



Our Airstream is not original or "self-contained" anymore but has been extensively modified for comfortable, modern, year-around living. It is for use in an established RV or Mobile Home Park or on your own land with conventional utility hook-ups available (water, electricity, and sewer or septic tank). Since it is now so roadworthy, however, touring about is certainly possible as long as you stay in an RV park or at a friend's' house and can "plug-in".

In a warm climate, an evaporative cooler or refrigerated air conditioner will be needed. There is an opening already cut in the roof of our Airstream for a standard roof-mount AC unit (like a Coleman), and a separate 20 AMP circuit has been installed and is ready to connect. Alternatively, a portable evaporative cooler unit inside the trailer can be used quite successfully as long as the humidity is not too high in your area.


While our Airstream is in outstanding condition, it isn't perfect. The windows are somewhat frosted/streaked now (though not cracked). They are double-glass THERMOPANE windows which makes them unusually warm and well sealed for a "travel trailer", and they still function perfectly, however. The beautiful and extensive walnut cabinetry with roll-up doors for which Airstream is famous is in near new condition.

The sink and tub in the bathroom have recently been repainted since the surfaces had become slightly discolored and not the gleaming white they were originally. There are no chips or cracks, however. It's a "beige" bathroom now.

Our Airstream has always been owned (and was modified) by folks who were chemically sensitive so it has never been smoked in, is free of chemical odors and perfume smells, and being all-electrical has no fumes from the use of propane.

We have the original Owner's Maintenance and Repair Manual.


Please consider coming to visit us here in Southern Mexico (30 miles inland from the Port of Veracruz) and stay in the Airstream for a few days or longer (no charge of course) so that you can get the best possible idea of what it is like and whether it will meet your needs. This is a very beautiful part of Mexico if you haven't been here before. Our many videos on YouTube will give you a good idea of the area where we live and it's people - particularly the two ten minute documentaries entitled "LIFE IN A SMALL TOWN IN MEXICO".




(Our Airstream located in its present very private spot where we live)


$12,000 (160,000 PESOS)

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